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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges phuket

  Who should get dental bridges?


​If you are missing a tooth or some teeth between other healthy or restorable teeth that have not yet severely encroached upon the empty space between them you may be a good candidate for a dental bridge.

  Why you should get a dental bridge


When a tooth or teeth are lost the teeth around it tip and move toward the space formerly occupied by the missing tooth or teeth. This shifting of the teeth alters the direction of force applied to the remaining teeth, their roots and the jaws during chewing. These misdirected forces accelerate tooth movement and allow the teeth that used to chew with the missing tooth or teeth to move up or down out of their sockets into the empty space. Dental bridges can correct an altered bite, improve your chewing ability and speech and prevent the collapse of your facial features that can cause premature wrinkles and age lines.

Dental Bridges phuket

 Types of dental bridges:


   There are basically four types of dental bridges:

1. Traditional dental bridges where the teeth on each side of the empty space are prepared for dental crowns and a dental bridge is made including a tooth between them (a pontic) to “bridge” the gap.

2. A resin bonded “Maryland” dental bridge, where the pontic tooth is fused to metal bands that can be bonded to the back surface of the teeth on each side of the empty space.

3. A cantilever dental bridge where there are teeth on only one side of the empty space.

4. An implant supported dental bridge where there are no adjacent teeth to act as anchors for the dental bridge

Dental Bridges phuket
Dental Bridges phuket
Dental Bridges phuket

 Traditional Dental Bridge


The traditional dental bridge is the strongest and is typically used to replace back teeth where the forces of chewing and grinding are strongest. The resin bonded “Maryland” dental bridge is the most conservative and reduces the amount of tooth preparation. It is also the weakest and is used primarily to replace front teeth for that reason. The Cantilever dental bridge typically replaces one tooth where more strength than a “Maryland” dental bridge can give is required. The implant supported dental bridge is the most versatile and offers strength rivaling the traditional bridge. It is also more expensive to place and restore. Implant supported dental bridges also require good bone quality and density to be used.

Dental Bridges phuket

 Care for dental bridges


Dental bridges require even more regular and consistent home and professional dental care than your natural teeth do to prevent decay at the tooth-dental bridge junction. This is because the area beneath the dental bridge must be cleaned. We will instruct you on proper care of your bridge to help ensure the health of the teeth supporting your new dental bridge. The evaluation of metal and tooth-colored dental bridges is a regular part of your periodic check-ups.

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